cold-forging of screws and fastening parts, machined parts, metal stamping products. YAHATA FASTENER THAI

Manufacture Item Bolt, Nut, Tapping Screw, Screw, Screw with Washer, Special Processed Screw/Nut/Washer, Wire, Custom-made Items, etc.
Merchandized Products Hex. Nut/ Hex. Bolt/ Washer – Commercial Product, Hot-forging, Stamping processed parts, Imports (Japan, Taiwan, China, Europe)
Strong Feature Integrated production of cold-forging and cutting
Manufacturing Capacity Header 4×8~8×100, Nut Former M5~M12, Bolt Former M4~M10×75, Pressing Max. 75t, CNC Latheφ3~45
Main Customers Automobile parts makers, Air conditioner makers, Sash makers, Electrics makers